About me

The passion for nature has always led me to be interested in the world around us, both near and far, especially the fascination of the aquatic environments and the mountain has resulted in love for hiking and passion for the naturalistic photography has come by itself in 2012. Since then I have deepened my photographic techniques in the field of birds and macrophotography. 

In recent years I have been able to give vent to my curiosity thanks to associations very active in the area, in particular the Italian Group for Research on Spontaneus Orchids (GIROS), as well as EBN Italy Birdwatching and Verona Birdwatching. Recently I became a member of the Italian Naturalistic Photographers Association (AFNI). 

So if you meet someone up and down the Romagna, the Marecchia Valley or Montefeltro, Po Delta National Park or Casentino Forest, Monte Falterona and Campigna National Park, on the edge of a path, on a ridge or in a ditch at the side of the road with the camera pointed high in the sky or low on the grass and do not understand what is photographing, that could be me.